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Lauren A. – Birthday Testimonial

You made my daughters day SO special. She will never forget this!

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Erin P. – Holiday Testimonial

Thank you so much for the social distancing Easter bunny! My boys were in heaven!!! It was a perfect distraction to all of this craziness 🐰

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Jane E. – Birthday Testimonial

We had a great day with Elmo and Natalie at my granddaughters 2nd birthday party. 5 stars. I will definitely be using the characters at my other grandchildren’s parties. Thanks again.

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Hillary G. – General Testimonial

I was absolutely in awe of Natalie’s attention to detail and her unparalleled enthusiasm, especially when dealing with the wee ones who came by. She was so soft-spoken and easy going and made everyone feel welcome. She conducted herself with whimsical professionalism, maintaining the magic of being Ariel even when engaging with adults! I’m not so comfortable with my performance persona, but seeing Natalie work was inspirational. She absolutely knows what she’s doing and loves to do it! I look forward to working with her in the future any time she might need me!
I cannot recommend her and her company enough! Nat knows what she’s doing!

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Colleen M. – General Testimonial

Natalie is wonderful with little ones and the kiddos were over the moon in love with Princess Belle arriving!! Very sweet moments and great pictures! Highly recommended👍🏼

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Kim I. – General Testimonial

Very polite, great with kids, costumes on point! Highly recommend!

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Colleen B. – Birthday Testimonial

Natalie was great to work with! She was Elsa at my daughter’s birthday party and she was amazing with the kids. After the party my daughter said “this was the best day ever Mama”. Thanks again Natalie!!

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Alexis M. – Holiday Testimonial

Princess Anna surprised our 3 year old for her birthday and it was magical! Our daughter was so happy and Princess Anna was so great with her!

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Melissa M. – Holiday Testimonial

The Easter Bunny was amazing and the baskets were awesome!!!! Such a great experience! Thank you so much!

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Mica R. – General Testimonial

It really IS a dream come true!
You can see the absolute love, passion, and magic poured into every single detail of their work! Beautiful characters, beautiful people, and beautiful memories sure to last as old as time! I cannot recommend them enough!

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Rebecca I. – Birthday Testimonial

This was so easy on the parent end and such a big pay off on the kid-happiness end! Natalie makes the process streamlined with responsive communication and easy Venmo payment option. Seeing my daughter light up, act super shy, and then talk about Ariel for days after was what the magic of childhood birthdays is all about! COVID times are tough but this was a true light for our family in a dark time. Highly recommend!!!

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Meredith L. – General Testimonial

They came for a social Distance party during Covid 19 for my daughter. She was so surprised and loved it. Very friendly and in character the whole time. Simply adorable. On time and great communication. I highly recommend for any occasion.

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Samantha C. – General Testimonial

Thank you for the surprise guest visit on Friday. The girls loved it and talked about it all day, even my 12 year old! They were so amazed that Ariel knew their names and other things about them. They had such a great time designing their own 18″ wooden mermaids to hang on their bedroom wall: the craft kit was very well put together. Natalie Bonacci was amazing. Thank you again. You made their summer!
Rating =⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for communication, personalization, punctuality, value, quality! I would do this again in a heartbeat and recommend highly!

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Donna E. – Birthday Testimonial

My lil man was so excited to see Chase from Paw Patrol come to his house to hangout and give him a small gift. I highly recommend this company for any of their lil ones.

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Gabby D. – Birthday Testimonial

My daughter was so excited to see a princess at her front door! This was just what our daughter needed to keep the magic and excitement of childhood alive (especially after all of the disappointments 2020 has brought).

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Amanda G. – Birthday Testimonial

We had the best day with a special visit from Rapunzel! The kids talked about it all day! The princess went out of her way to make sure all the kids were included and comfortable. She was very professional. My daughter was truly star struck. I cannot say enough good things!

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Samantha M. – Birthday Testimonial

Rapunzel came to visit my daughter for her 5th birthday. She was so excited! Rapunzel was great with the girls. I am certain this is a birthday that she will not soon forget. This is a great option to make a birthday special. Thank you Rapunzel 🙂

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Jennine H. – Birthday Testimonial

Had Donald Duck for our sons’ Birthday Party and they were great! Did bunch of fun activities with the kids and they loved it. Looking forward to using them again next year.

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Shannon C. – Birthday Testimonial

Such a fun time with Ariel for Charlotte’s 4th birthday! Ariel was amazing with the kids. Highly recommend. We can’t wait for another princess to come and visit!

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Angelica M. – Birthday Testimonial

The communication was great and they were absolute pleasure to work with. My son was so excited to see his favorite superhero come to his party. The interaction between the superhero and the kids (and adults) was so cute. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure!

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Janet B. – Birthday Testimonial

My grand daughters loved seeing Silver Wing at the Fairy Festival. She was wonderful to all the little fairies that came and they loved their glitter tattoos!!!!

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Dzovig P. – Birthday Testimonial

We had such a great experience! Communication was excellent, she was on time and so great with the kids!

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Nikki W. – Birthday Testimonial

We had such a great experience! Thank you so much to Natalie! Our kids loved it!

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Amber D. – Birthday Testimonial

We hired stardust for my daughters 4th birthday. Elsa and Ana arrived on time. They were extravagant. Spent the full hour interacting with the children and made this party so special. I am so grateful and my heart is full.
Thank you again.

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Michele G. – Birthday Testimonial

Wonderful! I would totally recommend. Elsa was not only professional, she looked and acted just as Elsa. The kids eyes when Elsa came in was so magical. I will be definitely be hiring her again for my other daughters party in July. She did everything, from singing with the kids, balloons, tattoos, it was a one stop shop and it was perfect!

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Paulette V. – Birthday Testimonial

Elsa was outstanding!

-Stardust – Thank you Paulette!

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Marcia B. – Graduation Testimonial

Captain America was exactly what I had hoped for!

-Stardust – Thank you Marcia! We had the best time celebrating Natalie’s graduation!

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