Wonderful Woman

party character wonderful woman portrait superhero

Our Wonderful Woman will play interactive games, direct a story, and teach you how to become the true superhero within yourself.

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Superhero Widow

party character superhero widow black widow avenger

Our superhero widow will teach you all the best tricks to be a superhero, and help you to be sworn into the superhero academy.

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Super Girl

party character super girl superhero supergirl

Our super girl will read an interactive story with you, teach you the superhero earth, and help me to come sworn into the Superhero academy.

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Spider Superhero

party character spider superhero spiderman

Our Spider Superhero will teach you superhero training, the superhero earth, and help you become sworn into the superhero academy.

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Incredible Supers

join our team incredible family party character incredible supers family disney

Our incredible team of superheroes will perform superhero training, run obstacle courses, and teach you the superhero oath. You will be awarded a superhero certificate and become an incredible superhero of your own!

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